Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Crafting....

So....because it was such a rainy week-end, I ended up getting a lot of cards and embellishments made to list on ebay..I also have a couple of other things that I worked on that I will be listing on girl stuff..and it is pink with lots of butterflies.

You will see that most of the things I make have pink in them..that is my favorite color to work with...I also use butterflies a lot.  

I have to say, if you don't see a butterfly on it, it must not be mine LOL!!!

Below are a few of my new things..hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.....

 Isn't she adorable
This is a card I made over the week-end and it is currently listed on ebay.  It comes with a beautiful matching box envelope.
This is a pull out tag that is on the inside of the card.


  1. GASP --- is this a .....BLOG???? I'm so excited!! Now I can see your beautiful work all in the same place, any time I want!! Welcome to blogland :)

  2. Thanks Michelle...thought I would give it a far it's kind of fun...hopefully I can keep up with it!!!!